Weekly Fruit Investigation

Weekly Fruit InvestigationYesterday, while shopping for fresh produce, Miss G asked if we could take home a starfruit. It got me thinking.  I didn’t know if Grae had ever even seen a starfruit, let alone tasted one.  I said sure, let her select the one she wanted, and carry it throughout the store for the remainder of our trip.

IMG 6351Today, after nap time, we pulled it out to investigate.  We started by smelling it…

IMG 6355Then moved on to running our fingers over it to feel its texture…

IMG 6356And then to gently pinching it to see how soft or hard it was.

IMG 6357When we were done investigating the outside of the fruit, we decided to cut it open.

IMG 6365Of course the first thing Miss G wanted to do was taste it.  This particular starfruit was still a little too green, but you can’t investigate a fun new fruit without tasting it!

IMG 6370Starfruit got her seal of approval, and while munching away, Grae was pleased to discover seeds inside the fruit.

IMG 6369This was such a fun and easy little activity that I think I’m going to let Grae choose one new item during our produce shopping trip each week.  While we eat a TON of produce, there are still many fruits and veggies we haven’t tried (especially in our local market’s extensive Asian section).  It’ll be fun to branch out a little bit and try new things, and I truly believe that when kids are involved in the shopping and cooking aspects of food, they’re much more open-minded about tasting their selections and creations.

Yay!  A new shopping tradition for us.

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