Backyard Balance Beam

Simple Backyard Balance BeamLast weekend, while tidying up the backyard a little bit, I came across a random 2×4 shoved in a corner along the fence.  I don’t know if everyone thinks this way, but when I come across an item, the first place my mind goes is how could we use this for play?  Of course a long flat wooden board almost begs to be used as a balance beam, so why complicate things, right?

IMG 6531Before we got to using it too much, we pulled out our sidewalk chalk and decorated it a bit.  And by ‘we’ I basically mean that I drew while Miss G gave instructions. ☺

IMG 6538To start off, we placed it flat on the ground and Grae carefully walked back and forth a few times.

IMG 6542Then I thought it would be fun to add a little incline.  I brought out a thin cement block and propped up one side of the 2×4, but Miss G automatically said, “No – TWO blocks!  Then we can make a bridge!”  So a bridge it was.

IMG 6545This little set-up is so, so simple, but it’s a lot of fun and it’s great for balance and motor skill development too.


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3 thoughts on “Backyard Balance Beam

  1. What a brilliant idea, I’m sure we’ve got an old plank lying around that we could use to improve The Boy’s balance! She’s doing ever so well keeping her balance there, and I like the way you’ve decorated it.

    Nipping over from the Outdoor Play Party linky.

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