A Morning at 6 Pack Indoor Beach

Hello.  My name is Jen and I’m a rainy day activity hoarder.  

It’s true.  For the last year and a half, I’ve kept a running list of awesome programs and places around the Lower Mainland to visit on rainy days. For some reason, however, I’ve been rationing them out very slowly.  Does this classify as torrential downpour? Only the third day of rain in a row?  Could we get away with just visiting one of our regular places?  I have absolutely no idea what the reasoning behind this craziness has been.  Was I afraid that I’d suddenly run dry of things to do with my toddler and we’d be stuck at home staring at the wall? Did I think that we couldn’t visit these awesome places again after the initial time?  I have no clue.  What I do know, however, is that now that we know we’re headed back to Kuwait in a short 5 months (and back to the Okanagan in just 3), there’s no more rainy day activity qualification system in place.  Little Nest? We’re going.  Maritime Museum? Yup, there too.  Watermania? Absolutely. Art Gallery? Morning drop-in at Collage Collage? Salmon Hatchery? UBC Gymnastics? Cowboys and Angels?  Let’s do it!  

IMG 6613One of the other places that has been on my list forever is 6 Pack Indoor Beach.  Located on the very industrial Mitchell Island, 6 Pack Indoor Beach is essentially a giant warehouse filled with sand (in the most awesome way possible).  During the evenings and weekends, they’re host to volleyball leagues and tournaments, but during weekdays when it’s a lot quieter, families are welcome to come and enjoy their Lil’ Diggers drop-in program.  

IMG 6614IMG 6619And that’s just what Miss G and I did today.  

IMG 6616The beach was quiet…  With a few teenagers practicing on the far court and two other moms with munchkins playing, Gracen and I had more space than we could ever want.

IMG 6624IMG 6642While we brought along a little bag of sand toys, 6 Pack already had all of the bases covered.  From shovels to buckets, rakes, sand castle moulds, balls, frisbees, and tractors, it was all already there for us to play with.  Or course laying and rolling around in the sand was just as much fun too.

IMG 6647As was burying ourselves.

IMG 6661We spent two and a half hours playing, and even then Gracen wasn’t ready to go.  And I can’t blame her… She had just discovered this perfect jumping ledge and was working hard on her sand dives.

IMG 6667The nice thing about the indoor beach is that while you can get dirty to your heart’s content out on the sand, when you’re finished there is spacious foot washing ‘sink’ and full-on showers in the bathrooms.  There’s also several picnic tables and comfy wooden loungers come lunch time. 

I’m so glad we finally made our way to 6Pack.  It was the perfect rainy day get away and we’ll definitely be headed back soon.

6 Pack Indoor Beach is open 7 days a week, with the Lil’ Diggers drop-in program happening weekdays from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.  The drop-in cost is $7 and they also offer a punch pass that gives you 11 sessions for $60. Plus, they do birthday parties! 


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5 thoughts on “A Morning at 6 Pack Indoor Beach

  1. Thank you so much for capturing everything we wanted to show at 6Pack. This write up is amazing. Hope you and G had a great and wonderful time and hope to see you soon again!

    1. More than happy to, Matt! I love sharing great kid-friendly places with my readers and we’ll definitely be back. In fact, I’m thinking that 6 Pack may be a great spot for one of our top vancouver mom blogger meet-ups if you all are interested in having us. :)

  2. That looks like a really fun place! I wish we had more kid-friendly places in my town. You really captured the spirit of Gracen. She is adorable!

  3. What??! Kuwait????


    It will be our loss but it sounds like you guys love it there. Hopefully you will keep blogging!

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