Easter Dinner on the Farm

Tonight Brad’s parents had everyone, including all of my family, out to their place in the country for a big Easter dinner.  The Okanagan has been blessing us with some amazing weather, and because of it, we spent almost the entire night outside in the backyard.  Barefooted babies, football tossing, and ridiculous amounts of delicious food made for an absolutely lovely evening.

Here is our night in photos…

IMG 7389Anxiously awaiting the arrival of her cousins.

IMG 7404Grandma Sue and her girls.

IMG 7413Dinner outdoors.

IMG 7393Girl talk.

IMG 7409Little performer.

IMG 7385


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4 thoughts on “Easter Dinner on the Farm

    1. Thanks so much! I just popped over to your blog… I love your recent post about potty training. Our daughter was trained very early too (though she led the way), and we used a lot of the same techniques/language as you’ve used with your kids. So cool you’re moving to Namibia next year too!

      1. Thanks! We cannot wait to move! And I love to share the potty training advice (I received most of it from very old ladies), not because I’m anything special, because I’m not, but because I want everyone to know that it doesn’t have to be an awful experience :). Not every kids is going to be the same, or even easy, but I think it could be a little easier on parents than it is.

  1. I bet! Are the kids excited too? We’ll kind of be “neighbours”… You in Africa, and me in the Middle East. ;)

    I agree about the fact that we parents sometimes make a bigger deal about potty training (among other things – I’m totally guilty of this too) than we need to. Our recent switch to a big girl bed was a perfect example.

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