Miss G {in Manual}

IMG 8858Today I was lucky enough to spend the morning with some blogger friends soaking up the photography wisdom of Justine from B Life Photography and Amy of The Connection We Share.  They took us through the basics of using our cameras on the manual setting and helped us learn the balance between ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  Being the slightly stubborn person I am (though I prefer the term ‘determined’ ☺) , from here on out, my camera will remain on manual, despite it being freakin’ hard (so much to think about, and so little time while chasing a busy toddler).  

It’s far from a perfect photo, but  here’s my very first manually-shot picture of my little love.  


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9 thoughts on “Miss G {in Manual}

  1. Manual is pretty tough to figure out. However you can use Av (Aperature Priority) for a good majority of your photos. It makes your camera auto adjust the shutter speed and then you can control the ISO and the F/Stop (Aperature). A good majority of photographers use AV when shooting portrait photography :). For darker situations you will want to use Manual so you can control everything, but in regular daylight you will get most of the same using AV.

    Otherwise the picture looks awesome! Gracen is getting so big :)

    1. Hey Carrie! Yes, I’ve heard many people shoot in aperture priority as an in between stage. I’m quite enjoying the challenge of manual though. And in all honesty, it’s getting easier quite quickly! (Thank goodness for that!) What do you like to shoot in?

      1. I flip back and forth. I spent a lot of time in AV mode learning the camera and now am trying out full manual. I never use any of the other modes though… just Av and M :)
        I just find during the day when trying to take pictures of my rambunctious boys that its easier when I can scrap having to adjust the shutter speed in favour of the aperture. And my boys don’t LOVE getting their picture taken either, so I have to be double fast to catch the cute moments. Its honestly like they know I have the camera and turn away from me every time. Little buggers…

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