An Afternoon of Indoor Fishing

Indoor Fishing Pond | Mama Papa BubbaIMG 8890This afternoon while walking along the river, Gracen noticed a man sitting down on the rocks fishing and was fascinated.  The questions started rolling in and once we’d lost sight of him, all she wanted to know was when we’d see him again.  Luckily, on our way back we found him just where we’d left him.  Phew.  

With a new interest in fishing and a stick worthy of taking home found along the way, this post from Mini-Eco immediately came to mind.  I asked Miss G if she was interested in doing some indoor fishing when we got home, and she was more than game.

IMG 8881Grae and I rounded up a few things…  Some plasticky sheets purchased on our last trip to Urban Source, a hole punch, and a handful of paperclips.

IMG 8882I cut out the fish shapes, and Grae helped punch holes and feed the paper clips through.

IMG 8887Next, Grae chose some baker’s twine from my collection.  We tied one end to her beloved stick, and used a dab of hot glue to attach the other end to a round magnet (though if you had a u-shaped magnet, you could just tie it on).

IMG 8886Next, we got out a big bowl, filled it with water, added a drop of blue food colouring just for fun.  Gently, we set the fish on the surface of the water.

IMG 8898Then it was time to fish!

IMG 8891Gracen held her rod steady, gently lowered into the bowl overtop of the fish of her choosing, and proudly lifted up fish after fish. 

IMG 8900She was pretty pleased with herself.

IMG 8917And after a whole lot of fishing, some messy water play was inevitable. ☺


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7 thoughts on “An Afternoon of Indoor Fishing

    1. Oh my goodness, Sam… You’re too kind. It is truly getting easier, but let me tell you – getting one great shot is easy, but photographing an activity unfolding when you really don’t want to interrupt/instruct/reposition a child at play is hard! I probably took 50 – 70 photos of this activity and most are a mess of shadows and bright spots! :)

    1. Oh, well thank you, Jackie! You’re very kind too! I’m excited to see your fishing activity – I always look forward to your posts. :)

  1. This is such a fun idea! My son would love doing this. And I love the fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination involved. I would like to invite you to link up with us at Share It Saturday. We have lots of creative bloggers linking up each week, and your post would fit right in :)
    Colleen at Sugar Aunts

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