Calming Bedtime Bath

Calming Bedtime Bath | Mama Papa BubbaWhether it’s been a long day, Miss G is amped up and bedtime is nearing, or I’m in need of a quick and easy “special bath“, this is a go to I count on regularly.  It’s incredibly simple and fills the entire bathroom with the warm, tranquil combination of lavender and rosemary – perfect for calming our little lady before tucking her in at night.

IMG 8539Here’s what I use to put it together…  Organic lavender essential oil, fresh rosemary, lavender flowers from the garden (or other dainty purple flowers if you’ve already depleted your lavender supply like I have) and a couple of drops of purple gel food colouring (yes, the not good for you conventional kind… if you know of an all-natural food colouring that works well, please let me know – I’m desperate to find one!)

IMG 8543While the warm water runs into the tub, I add 3 or 4 drops of the lavender essential oil and 2 drops of the purple food colouring to the stream.  When the tub is nice and full, I break up the rosemary sprigs and sprinkle both them and the flowers on the surface.  Miss G loves this bath and inevitably, I end up with a bouquet or two in the process.

IMG 8548And cleanup is just as easy.  After removing my lovely-smelling babe from the tub, I quickly skim a strainer along the surface of the water to remove the plant pieces before draining the water.  Done!

Then all that’s left is to read some bedtime stories and snuggle my little sleepyhead into bed for the night. 

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