Though all of my family members have slowly migrated away from the Okanagan and back to our home province of Alberta, we’re lucky to be able to stay with Brad’s parents while we enjoy the Okanagan sun.  Gracen adores being here.  The house {that Brad grew up in}  is filled with treasures {new and old} to discover, Bella {her best fur buddy} lives here, and there’s endless space to run free.

One of her very favourite parts about being here is enjoying long morning walks with Grandma Charlotte and Bella.  There’s a whole routine in place which involves puppy treats in a little bag, particular treat distribution spots, and a visit to the hay barn where shoeless antics take place.  Today, with Uncle Brett home for the weekend but heading back to Vancouver at lunchtime, we all headed out for one last family walk before our big departure next week.

When this is all you know, it’s easy to take the beauty of the tree-covered mountains, blue skies, and sunshine for granted, but knowing how drastically our scenery will be changing shortly, I did my very best to soak every moment of this morning in…

IMG 0978

“Com’on, Bella!  Let’s run!”

IMG 0981

Treat stop.

IMG 0991

Hay barn dance.

IMG 0993

Grandma and Grae.

IMG 0997

Newfound perch.

IMG 1005


IMG 1003

Family photo op.

IMG 1018

Headed up the hill in search of grasshoppers.

IMG 1023


IMG 1026

Wheat fields and sunshine.

IMG 1032


IMG 1037

They all have the same last name.

IMG 1039

On Grandma’s shoulders.


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