iPhoneography // Desert Trekking

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For the time being, we’re still without a vehicle.  We’re very lucky to have a super spacious apartment and many common areas around the complex (we have a big courtyard, a kid’s play area in one of the lobbies, a book exchange and games lobby, a gym, and a pool which is currently green, but hopefully being fixed soon), but both Miss G and get out and explore people, so staying at home day after day sometimes gets a bit repetitive.  Mahboula, the area of Kuwait we live in, isn’t walker friendly (we’re still in the process of getting roads and street lamps, and hopefully one day in the near future we’ll get waterlines too), so it’s quite an effort to make it to any sort of destination.  Add in the heat and the fact that I need to push my little lady and our Bob through sand, construction sites, piles of trash, and groups of stray animals, and it makes for quite the adventure.  

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The good news is that about a 25 minute walk away, there’s a complex of restaurants, coffee shops, and fast food places we can visit.  And in fact, there’s even a small children’s playground there.  Miss G adores playgrounds and parks, but after the trek, she’s usually so hot that she asks to skip playing all together (I don’t blame her!) in exchange for going  straight to Starbucks for air conditioning and a cold drink.  On the way, we always see this little guy – Grae’s favourite ‘petting kitty’.  He’s a stray, but relatively well fed seeing as he’s set up shop at a food complex, and Gracen just loves him.  She says hello, asks him how he’s doing today, and sometimes attempts to give him a little pet despite him being very timid.

IMG 3602

After going straight to the washroom to wash our hands, we order our drinks and, if it’s a very special occasion, a cheese croissant for Miss G.  We sit and chat while we cool down and enjoy our treats.  Sometimes we bring a memory match game to play or a book to read, and other times we just enjoy each other’s company and being out of the house for a while.

And sometimes this happens too…  Because if you feel the music, you may as well dance, right?

When we’re good and ready, we pack up our things, and prepare for the {even hotter} trek home.  Most days, about 7 minutes from home, I feel like I may pass out from overheating, but man, does it ever feel good to get out and about.


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