Rainbow-faced Grae

IMG 1700

This morning as I was attempting to get myself ready for the day and  Miss G was busy digging around in my drawers {as usual}, she came across a couple of face painting sets I brought from Canada and tucked away for a rainy (okay, more likely dusty) day…  Her eyes lit up and she immediately asked if we could set up a face painting station like we’ve done several times in the past.  

IMG 1697

I agreed and promised we’d do it in the afternoon after we’d gotten outside for the morning for some {semi} fresh air.  If I’m being completely honest, I sort of secretly hoped she’d forget about the whole thing, but this little bug – she remembers everything!!  Her first request after her nap?  Face painting!

IMG 1699

As I usually do, I set her up in front of a mirror, with a warm wet cloth and a little dish of coconut oil (works wonders for removing the paint), then let her go to town as I stood back and observed. She very deliberately painted her face for a good half hour or so and loved every minute.

IMG 1710

But the very best part?  Watching the reaction of our lovely housekeeper and nanny, Carmaline, as she got her first glimpse of  rainbow-faced Grae – so, sooo funny!  I think we may have to give her a heads up next time…


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