SPARKLY Coloured Pasta for Beading, Crafting, and Sensory Play

Sparkly Coloured Pasta for Beading Crafting and Sensory Play | Mama Papa Bubba

During a quick stop to my very favourite grocery store in all of Kuwait, Gracen and I came across ditalini pasta and both immediately saw the potential in its shape.  She carefully selected a specific bag from the shelf and tossed it into our cart with gusto {and a giggle}.

IMG 2116

Once home {after some lunch and an unsuccessful nap attempt}, no discussion was needed to know that we’d first dye our pasta beautiful, vibrant colours.  Gracen decided on fall colours and grabbed the white vinegar while I retrieved our beloved gel food colours (liquid colouring will work too, but the colours may not end up being as vibrant).  We dyed our pasta as we usually do – with a little pour of vinegar,  a generous amount of colour, and a whole lot of shaking.

IMG 2118

Then it was time to spice them up a little.  Grae added a little drizzle of clear school glue and a generous sprinkling of coordinating glitter to each bag before we sealed them up once again.

IMG 2121

Then we turned on some music and had an epic shake off / dance party that pretty much looked like this – hah!

IMG 2126

When our glitter was evenly distributed, we poured out the pasta onto a parchment-lined tray and let it dry overnight.

IMG 1120

The next morning, we took our beautiful dried pasta, some yarn, a pair of scissors, a couple of very large needles down to the courtyard for some quiet creative time.

IMG 1123

Gracen chose her desired yarn length, then I threaded a needle onto one end and tied a pasta bead onto the other end as a stopper.

IMG 1128

Then she began creating.

IMG 1129

As she beaded, so did I.  Times like these, when we’re working along side one another are some of my very favourites.  Sometimes we’re completely quiet, each enthralled in our projects, and other times we have in-depth discussions about Canada and books and grandparents and mosques.

IMG 1133

When we’d each finished a piece, Gracen was happy to model them both and was very pleased that what she intended to be a necklace actually made for a better crown.

IMG 1132

When we were in the process of colouring and sparklifying the ditalini, I must say that I was a little concerned that the glitter would just get everywhere when the pasta was handles, but it stays put surprisingly well.

IMG 1141Today we used our sparkly coloured pasta for beading, but I already know that a certain little something has something else planned for the rest of our stash and it sounds pretty fun!


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