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So it’s very possible that I’ve passed my love of gift giving onto Miss G…  Besides regularly packaging up her personal belongings in paper envelopes held shut with washi tape to hand out to people during our day-to-day, she’s always suggesting we buy things to surprise people with while we’re out shopping too.   This simple gift, however, took it to a whole new level.  I don’t think she’s ever been so excited to give something to someone in her whole life.  We made it to take to a crafty little friend’s birthday party today and what was Grae most excited about?  Not a morning full of friends, treats, and fun.  Nope.  She was most excited to give her gift.

Craft Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

To date, most of our gifts to Miss G’s friends have been personalized wooden block sets, wooden memory match games, pretty headbands, and DIY felt boards with a few of our favourite felt board games (can you tell that I’m a big fan of handmade?), but here at The Dunes, those things are a little too ‘young’ for the slightly order crew of kiddos.  With the birthday girl being a big fan of arts and crafts, we knew exactly what we could put together for her…  A fun craft kit filled with all sorts of interesting supplies!  So that’s just what we did.

IMG 3137

The other morning we headed down to Fahaheel and popped into one of our favourite Kuwait shops – the Zebra Book Store – to gather our supplies.  First off, we went in search of an easy-to-carry tote that would allow the supplies to be organized and easily accessible.  We found this one, which was absolutely perfect for our project.  My guess is that back home you’d be able to find something similar at a dollar, craft, hardware, or drug store.

IMG 3139

We particularly liked how this one had two divided top trays that were perfect for storing the little bits and bobs that would otherwise just get lost at the bottom of the tote.

IMG 3140

After choosing our container, Grae and I scavenged around the store for all kids of fun craft supplies and loaded up our basket.

IMG 3148

The next day we pulled out our supplies…   ‘Mmmmkay, let’s get organizing!’ {Who’s child is this anyways? ☺}

IMG 3157

IMG 3159

This was her favourite part – opening the bags, oohing over how pretty the items where, and then carefully finding them a spot in the tote.

IMG 3164

Not to mention that she was incredibly proud of the gift she was ‘making’.

IMG 3239

Here’s a closer peek of what our finished craft kit gift looked like.

IMG 3236

The top organizers were filled with gems, melting beads, jingle bells, plastic laces, pony beads, foam stickers, colourful wooden matchsticks, glitter glue tubes, star confetti beads, and some colourful triangular post-it notes.

IMG 3232

In the bottom we stashed away several glittery foam sheets, some colourful craft feathers, several sheets of star stickers, sparkly pipe cleaners, some modelling clay, a set of oil pastels, some ribbon, several bottles of glitter, and some googly eyes.

IMG 3245

To finish off the gift, Miss G selected a pink sparkly gel pen and pink baker’s twine to use to create a tag.

IMG 3248

We tied it onto the handle of our tote and our gift was done!


Fun, easy, and perfect for inspiring creativity – our kind of gift.  I can certainly see us making many more of these in the future.

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13 thoughts on “Craft Kit Gift

    1. Thanks, Sheila! It would almost be good to keep a couple of the organizers on hand, wouldn’t it? I feel like they would come in handy often!

  1. I love to give gifts like this (and for my girls to receive them) because I know that everything will be put to good use (including the kids’ imaginations). Plus, when it looks so organized like this I get a special joy from it! :-)

  2. Great gift idea. Imagine my surprise when I read the name Fahaheel as thats where I live.

    By the way, where in Fahaheel is the Zebra Shop?

    1. Really, En Yu?! I bet that’s not something you come across very often while browsing the internet!

      If you’re coming into Fahaheel {from say, Abu Halifa, Mahboula, or Fintas}, it’ll be on your right side in the small strip mall area just before the roundabout directly across from the Al-Kout fountains. It’s the shop right next to the McDonald’s. :)

      1. Exactly! I am a big pinterest and blogs fan and this is the first time that has happened!

        Thanks a bunch for the directions – I know exactly where you mean!

        1. No problem! So happy you found my blog. :) I plan on posting more about things around Kuwait in the near future, so stay tuned!

  3. This tote is ideal! Do happen to remember the brand of it? I have tried looking for a similar one but all the others just don’t look as organized and neat as this one.

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