Simple Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath

Simple Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath | Mama Papa Bubba

Up until this morning, our poppy wreath we’d made for Remembrance Day was still hanging on our apartment door.  It was time for a change.  Truthfully, I had no plans to create a new wreath today, so we kept things really easy and made a simple tissue paper Christmas Wreath.

IMG 3640

Here’s what we used…  A paper plate with the centre cut out, large squares of green tissue paper, small squares of red tissue paper, and some white glue.

IMG 3641

To start us off, Miss G took one square of green tissue at a time, scrunched it up, and glued it down onto the paper plate ring, counting to 5 before letting go.

IMG 3645

Before long, the entire thing was covered and it was time to start making our berries by scrunching up the small red tissue squares.

IMG 3646

G prepped tons of berries, and then began gluing them onto the wreath using the hold for 5 seconds method once again.

IMG 3651

Our final touch, which she requested, was a bow to go at the bottom of her wreath.  I tied one using a piece of gold ribbon left over from Grae’s superhero costume, and she stuck it down firmly using a little more glue and pressure than normal.

IMG 3658

And here’s the final product.  Pretty for such a simple process, isn’t it?


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