Homemade No Sew Supergirl Costume

Homemade No sew Supergirl Costume | Mama Papa Bubba

Last year, Gracen knew exactly what she wanted to be for Halloween – a brown fox.  She decided weeks in advance and never once wavered.  This year she wasn’t quite as sure.  In the beginning, she was fairly certain that she wanted to be a giraffe or a kangaroo, but eventually the ideas of a lion, hippo, and tiger got thrown into the mix too.  I was a little bit worried about how I’d pull off one of those ideas sans sewing machine, so I was pretty relieved when she mentioned being a superhero.  That I could do.  I showed her a photo of PBK’s gorgeous amazing girl costume, and she was immediately sold (the tutu may have done it ☺).  With that, I collected a few craft supplies (some felt, sparkly craft foam, ribbon, self-adhesive velcro, and elastic) and a few awesome and inexpensive pieces from our local H&M {a headband, a teeny purse, shoe wings, and a half price leotard with a tutu attached) and we were good to go.  Thinking back to last year’s night before costume, I must enjoy working under pressure, because armed with my glue gun and a pair of scissors, I began working on Miss G’s Supergirl costume last night at 11 p.m.   The good news is that because the project involved absolutely no sewing, I was done in 2 hours flat.  Yay for that!

Here’s how it all came together…

IMG 2845

IMG 2846

IMG 2840

IMG 2843

IMG 2849

IMG 2851

IMG 2852

IMG 2854

All of the stars on the pieces were made using cookie cutters as tracers.  In fact, if you press them down into felt or craft foam firmly, they make a perfect cutting outline.  The ‘G’ was drawn freehand while looking at a specific font like, but if we had a printer here at home, I’d probably have printed it out and used it as a tracer in order to save myself a couple of minutes.   The mask, wrist cuffs, and cape were all drawn freehand (I had traced Gracen’s body on a roll of butcher paper the day before so I’d have a better idea as far as size was concerned) and everything was put together using my trusty glue gun.

This morning when Grae woke up and spotted everything out on the living room carpet, she squealed with delight, grew big bug eyes, and shouted, ‘Mama!  LOOK!!’ as if it was the first time I was seeing it. ☺  I adore making Halloween costumes for her and really wouldn’t have it any other way, but her reactions make it that much more worth it.

IMG 2860

She proudly sported her Super G costume {sporadically singing, ‘Da da da da dahhhh!’} and throughout the day, she told me multiple times, ‘I really love my new costume, Mama.  Thank you so much for making it for me.’  Melt my mama heart…  You’re welcome, sweet girl.


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  1. You are just amazing for creating this! So special for your little girl. Thank you for sharing and for providing amazing inspiration!

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