Halloween 2013

Today was seriously the most wonderful day…  A perfect blend of fun activities and downtime, time at home and time out and about.  Gracen had an absolute blast, and as we tucked her in tonight, her last words were, ‘Mama, will tomorrow be Halloween too?’  I wish, sweet darling.

Here is our day in photos…

IMG 2784

Starting the day with spiderweb pancakes.

IMG 4955

Excited to get into costume.

IMG 4964

Off to a party with little friends.

IMG 4966

Halloween in the desert looks quite different than Halloween in Canada, doesn’t it?

IMG 2794

Party photo booth.

IMG 2796

Mmmmm… Mummy milk.

IMG 4971

Quiet time colouring.

IMG 4975

Afternoon sensory play in the courtyard.

IMG 4977

Slime, googly eyes, and creepy crawlies.

IMG 2860

Ready for our community pizza party and trick-or-treating.

IMG 4990

May as well go right into the apartments when they’re this cool, no?

IMG 4995

Checking out the loot in the courtyard.

IMG 4996

Super G is off to bed.

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