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Frankenstein Smoothie | Mama Papa Bubba

I get such a kick out of making holidays special for Miss G…  Perhaps a little too much so, but that doesn’t stop me. ☺ Late last night (okay, early this morning), long after I should have been in bed, I randomly decided to transform Miss G’s usual mason jar into a frankenstein cup.

IMG 2781

Using my glue gun, I added some felt hair and some googly eyes, then I pulled out a Sharpie to add the mouth and scars.  Obviously this cup won’t wash well (thought it might if I would have used black foam instead of felt!), but it took two seconds to make and all of the pieces will pop easily before I wash it.  Even the Sharpie comes off with some hot soapy water and some scabbing action.

This morning we whipped up our go-to green smoothie, and when I pulled out this mason jar, Grae squealed in delight.  Happy girl = happy mama.


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