Gracen the Fox

Weeks and weeks ago, I asked Gracen what she wanted to be for Halloween.  Without hesitation, she exclaimed, “Fox! A BROWWWN fox!”  Her response kind of surprised me because we haven’t really spent much time talking or reading or learning about foxes.  And at the time, I wasn’t convinced she’d have the same answer a week down the road.  But was I ever wrong.  Although she wavered a tiny bit between a being a brown fox and an orange fox, never once did she change her mind about the fox part itself.  So, Gracen the fox it was.  

I knew I wanted to make her little costume (making her Halloween costumes is just one of those things, like making her birthday cakes, that I want to do until she’ll no longer let me), but I had no clue how I’d do it.  So while I’d been collecting materials, I hadn’t actually started putting anything together until last night when I realized that our Howl-o-ween Play Gym had crept up on me and was the very next morning.  Oops.  So I kept it super simple (I highly recommend starting costumes with a hoodie) and just added ears, a tail, and tummy fur to a little brown hoodie, and made a mask to go along with it.  Here’s Gracen the fox…

IMG 1089

IMG 1092I’m still hoping to make little clawed mittens and clawed black boot covers before Halloween night, but we’ll see what happens…  All that matters right now is that Grae absolutely adores the costume and is already asking about when she can wear it next.  Soon, Baby Girl, soon.

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  1. Cute!! I love making costumes from hoodies too! Love the tail and the mask, and paired with those shorts and boots (to die for!), she makes one stylish lil fox!

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