Water Pouring Station

Water Pouring Station

After our most recent tea party with a pot filled with “tea”, I realized that I haven’t really given Gracen many opportunities to practice her pouring skills (with the exception of cooking and sensory bin/bath tub play, I guess).  So tonight, just before I began making dinner, I set up a little water pouring station for her.  All it took was a towel on the floor, a plastic serving tray, some measuring cups/jars/pitchers, and some coloured water. Gracen was thrilled, of course.

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She transferred water from one container to another, watching the colours change and muddle for the better part of an hour, which was the perfect amount of time for me to prep dinner, clean the kitchen and wash a big load of dishes. Doesn’t get much better than that. Afterwards, clean up was a breeze.  The towel went into the wash, the dishes got rinsed, and that was that… Another ‘Mama needs to make dinner’ activity to add to my {mental} list. ☺

If you don’t feel comfortable letting your little one handle glass jars and measuring cups, you could always replace them with plastic ones instead.  Switching out the water for dry goods like lentils, beans, and popping corn would be fun too!


10 thoughts on “Water Pouring Station

  1. So sweet. How old is your little girl? I am having such a hard time picturing my little boy being ready for that any time soon. Haha. I’m picturing water flying everywhere! : )

    1. She’s just over two (turned two at the end of August). Water flying everywhere is definitely a possibility. :) I normally don’t mind a mess if it’s in the name of a good time, but I do sometimes set guidelines if things get a little TOO crazy (like ‘the water has to stay on the towel’) and G seems to have no issues with that. Totally depends on the kid though!

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