Tea Time With Gracen

Looking back on my childhood, some of my favourite times were the ones when we got to play with “the real thing”.  Using Dad’s real tools, playing with Mom’s real make-up, creating a store using real pantry items and real money… Those times were the extra special ones.

So today, Gracen and I set up a little tea party using some real things… Real snacks for one, and while I’m not quite ready to let her drink real tea, real water was a substitute she was perfectly happy with.

IMG 0910IMG 0914IMG 0915IMG 0919IMG 0940IMG 0936IMG 0928IMG 0926IMG 0930IMG 0937Sure, her tea pouring skills haven’t yet been perfected and most of our blanket and snacks were covered in little “tea” puddles as a result, but at the end of the day, blankets can be washed and puddles can be wiped up.  What matters is that our little lady spent a special afternoon tea-ing with Mama and Sophie and got to practice all kinds of everyday skills by playing with ‘the real thing’.

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