Polar Express Party

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Though I really haven’t watched many Christmas movies, one that I have seen and love is The Polar Express.  Back during Kuwait round one, our Grade One team had a little Polar Express ‘party’ for the students each year and it was great fun.  Gracen’s never watched a full-length movie in one sitting, but she and Brad have been making their way through Cars in parts recently and she’s super into it (we’re talking falling asleep clutching her Mater truck at night and waking the next morning with it still in hand), so I thought we’d try a little Polar Express party for her and some of her friends.  My goal was to keep it super simple – popcorn, pajamas, and The Polar Express projected on our wall.  The munchkins were invited to bring along a favourite blanket and pillow to cozy up in, and showed up in the cutest jammies ever.  The night before I threw together these super simple ‘I believe bells’ and train tickets using this free printable from The Crafting Chicks and set them out for Miss G to distribute at the end of the show.

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We had our colourful tree lit up and a few simple decorations around the house…

IMG 3907

And Miss G greeted each one of her friends with a bag of stovetop popped popcorn.

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The kids all found comfy spots on the carpet and were fully engaged in the movie for the first hour and 15 minutes or so,  which I thought was pretty amazing.  {Even after that, they did really well.  I had set up a snowman making station with our sparkly vanilla mint play dough, and they all chose to continue watching the movie instead of moving on to playing.}

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Part way through the movie, I had Miss G help my hand out just-barely-warm cinnamon vanilla steamers (milk, a little bit of pure maple syrup, and some cinnamon and pure vanilla), which the munchkins slurped up.

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It was a lovely afternoon and it now officially feels like the holidays are on their way – yay!


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  1. So beautiful! I had planned on doing a pre-Christmas movie night with my son and you have inspired me to organise it. Thanks for sharing.

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