A Christmas Tree Made of Fruit

Christmas Tree Made of Fruit | Mama Papa Bubba

With our complex’s kids Christmas party happening this afternoon, Miss G and I hit up Pinterest this morning for a little snack inspiration.  I knew that there would be plenty of sweet treats (there always is) and with Gracen not eating sugar, we always try to bring something healthy, but fun.  As soon as we began our search, Grae fell head over heels for this awesome upright fruit tree.  I loved the look of it too, but I wasn’t thrilled about attaching food to a styrofoam cone, and knowing how much we had going on today, knew I wouldn’t have a ton of time to experiment with a healthier alternative.  As we continued browsing, we came across this fun Christmas tree vegetable platter, which we both loved.  Gracen thought about it for a minute and then asked if we could make a broccoli tree but with fruit.  Sure thing, little lady.  A broccoli tree, but with fruit it is.

IMG 3987

To make it, we used 10 large kiwis, approximately a dozen raspberries, 6 blackberries, and a tiny piece of pineapple.  Putting it together couldn’t have been easier.  After washing all of the fruit well, I sliced the top and bottom off of one of the kiwis, then took one vertical slice off of its side to form the trunk.  Then all of the kiwis got peeled and sliced into four rounds a piece, including the tree trunk kiwi – it was just a little less round, which was perfectly okay.  I arranged the kiwi slices into a triangle shape, stacking them up to create a fuller tree.  Then it was time for the berries.  The raspberries were left whole and simply placed on the tree upside-down, while the blackberries were sliced in half first and then placed on the tree with the cut side facing down.  While I originally wanted to make the tree topper out of a slice of starfruit, I had no luck finding one, so a cookie cutter taken to a thick slice of pineapple it was (mango would also work well).

Gracen thought our finished Christmas tree made of fruit was really cool, and the best part is that it was gobbled up at the party, even with all sorts of delicious sugary competitors by its side. ☺

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