A Favourite Gift {from Why Knot Mom}

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Along with all sorts of other lovely items from back home, tucked inside Grandma Charlotte’s suitcase was this gorgeous little handmade doll carrier and I’m not sure who is more excited.  Gracen has absolutely fallen in love with it and happily walked on her own for the entire duration of this afternoon’s adventure, all because she had her baby bunny strapped to her chest.  

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She loves it because it looks very similar to the Ergo we used to wear her in when she was smaller and she loves being just like Mama or Papa.  Plus, it also allows her to have her beloved bunny with her at all times while keeping her hands free for other things {win-win}.

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I love it because not only is it handmade and of beautiful quality, but also because the shop it comes from, Why Knot Mom, is run by two moms from North Vancouver {have I mentioned how much I love supporting local mamas?!}

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Ashlee and Andrea, the two ladies behind Why Knot Mom, both really delved into the world of handmade children’s goods while home with their little ones {much like I did} and as a team, they sort of do it all – sewing, crocheting, and all kinds of other craft forms.  Take one peek at their work, and you’ll immediately see how much care and detail goes into each piece. Take this little carrier for example… Most doll carriers I’ve seen in the past are very simple in comparison.  This one includes an actual chest and waist clip (rather than just a tie closure), it has adjustable arm snaps, and best of all – it’s reversible!  Talk about going the extra mile!

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It goes without saying that I’m completely thrilled with the carrier {as is Miss G despite the funny little face she has in this photo!} and I must say – i’s the absolute sweetest thing to watch your munchkin bounce and pat her baby while giving him little kisses on the nose as she strolls along with him cozied on her chest {mama heart officially melted}.


Why Knot Mom’s doll carriers can be found in their Facebook shop and in their Etsy shop, along with all kinds of other beautiful children’s items.  Andrea and Ashlee also love custom orders, so don’t be shy to email them with your special request. ☺

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