How to Build a Simple Lego Catapult {A tutorial by Miss G}

How to Build a Simple Lego Catapult  a tutorial by Miss G | Mama Papa Bubba

Well, she’s at it again.  After having me film her making a lego evergreen tree last week, Gracen was set on creating another Lego video asap.  It made sense that this little contraption would be next.  It’s actually something she and her Papa came up with during one of their afternoons together last week.  I came home to find the two of them flinging tiny Lego pieces all over our living room while giggling with glee.  Luckily, they took my suggestion of swapping out the tiny foot killing bricks with soft cushy pompoms very well (phew!)

IMG 5250

In order to create your very own simple Lego catapult, you’ll need a set of pieces similar to this.

Now onto the video…  You ready?

Goodness gracious, how I adore that little voice.  The day that she’s able to say all of her sounds correctly may just hurt my heart a wee bit.

IMG 5319

We shall see, but I have a feeling that next week may bring about another Lego tutorial of some sort…  Perhaps we have a budding Youtuber on our hands? Hah!


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One thought on “How to Build a Simple Lego Catapult {A tutorial by Miss G}

  1. Gracen is definitely on her way to having her own YouTube channel when she’s older! Her tutorial is so easy to follow – and so creative! (I agree with you the the secret do a good catapult is pom poms or something else soft!)

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