How to Build a Lego Tree {a tutorial by Miss G}

How to Build a Lego Tree | Mama Papa Bubba

Oh my word.  Today after teaching Grae how to build the simplest of Lego trees, she excitedly announced, ‘I know!  Let’s make a video and I can teach everyone how to build this very beautiful tree!’

We spent the next 20 minutes or so making a new video for each family member she wanted to teach {because obviously you can’t just send the same one to everyone – duh, Mama! ☺}

IMG 5113

Just in case you want to follow along, here’s her requested shot of the required materials…

Alright.  Got your pieces ready?  Here’s my favourite video of the bunch…

Hah!  Too funny, right?

IMG 5114

And I have a feeling there will be more of these to come in the near future.  As I tucked her in for her rest a little while ago, she sent me off with the mission of learning a new design so that I could teach her and our video making could continue this afternoon.  ☺


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10 thoughts on “How to Build a Lego Tree {a tutorial by Miss G}

  1. Love her sweet little voice! Enjoy, she will grow up so fast you’ll think- where did the time go? (this coming from a mother of seven ages 21-36 now)

    1. I honestly think about that, Deborah. When we’re having a rough time I remind myself that one day when she’s grown and gone, I’ll long for the days when she was little – even when whining and needy.

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