Using Mirrors and Glass Gems for Name Practice

Using Mirrors and Glass Gems for Name Practice | Mama Papa Bubba

Thanks to Jackie of Happy Hooligans, we’ve been exploring mirror play over the last few days and absolutely loving it.  Mirrors make for an extremely unique playing surface, and adding in some iridescent glass gems takes it to a whole new level.  

IMG 5788

After finishing up our number bubble game, Miss G asked to do a name game, so I simply wiped the mirrors clean, wrote out her name in big, clear letters using our dry erase marker, and made sure she had plenty of glass gems nearby.

IMG 5792

We had already experimented with making letters when we first bought our mirrors, so Grae knew exactly what she wanted to do.

IMG 5794

In between very carefully placing her gems on top of the letters of her name, she’d give herself a little smile and giggle every once and a while, which was just too funny. ☺

IMG 5796

Not only is this game great for reinforcing little ones’ names and letter formation, but picking up those little gems and placing them just so is also really good for fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination too.

IMG 5797

Not to mention that the whole thing just looks so beautiful when hit with the teensiest bit of sun.

IMG 5803

Next up, we begin exploring her middle names!  Using mirrors and glass gems for name practice may not be the most traditional method, but we’re not very traditional around here anyways. ☺


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