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Miss G and I finally got around to putting some of our {bordering on out of control} toilet paper roll stash to use today.  Making paper roll dolls with Grae is something I’ve been wanting to for a long while now, and I’m so glad we finally got to it because it was a lot of fun {and these insanely cute little dolls came of it too}.

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After covering our work surface and putting on a smock, my little lady applied a base coat of acrylic paint to each of our toilet paper rolls.

IMG 5873

Acrylic paints tend to dry fairly quickly, so by the time she was done painting the third roll, the first one was pretty dry.  Just to be sure, I gave it a quick blast with my hair blower, and then we set off to work.

For one reason or another, Gracen decided that our first doll would be a witch {I have no idea, but hey – why not?}  Using the paper roll as a guide, I outlined a rectangle that would become the witch’s dress on black card stock.  G cut it out, and then used white glue to adhere it onto her doll.  Because white glue takes a little bit of time to dry, we got lots of great counting practice in while she held the paper firmly in place.

Next up, it was time to add a face.  She created this scary witch face using a black Sharpie and then had to imitate it. ☺

IMG 5875

Using our ultra low temp glue gun {best crafting tool ever!} and some yarn pieces, we gave the witch hair and created a simple pointed hat. That was that.  Miss G declared her done and was eager to begin on a friend for the witch.

IMG 5876

IMG 5877

Her next creation was this ‘little baby’ she affectionately called Norah-Grace after our friends’ new baby.

IMG 5881

Then of course the witch and Norah-Grace needed to have a conversation.

IMG 5883

IMG 5882

While she was working away on doll number 3, she asked that I make my very own doll – ‘one with long blonde hair and a black and white striped dress’.

IMG 5886

The fourth doll is still a work in progress, but so far I’d say our fleet of paper roll dolls is looking pretty good.


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