iPhoneography // Heart Pancakes

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With nowhere to be this morning, Miss G and I declared it a pancake day.  Her request?  Making them heart-shaped.  {Why not, right?}  We whipped up a batch of our usual wholewheat flax and oat pancake batter and attempted to make it pink with the addition of beet juice.  It didn’t work the way I was hoping it would {or at all really}, but oh well!  We put our batter into the same squeeze bottle we use when we make spiderweb pancakes, and then simply created heart-shaped outlines and filled them in.

Photo 2

Our recipe makes a ridiculous amount of pancakes, but that’s just fine with us because they  freeze well and make for quick and easy toaster pancakes in the following weeks.

Photo 8

The other request Miss G had was to create a special pancake just for Papa so he could enjoy it when he got home from work.  I filled up the squeeze bottle and let her {carefully} create her masterpiece.

Photo 4

Here’s the finished product in all its glory.  It was fittingly declared a ‘brain pancake’ and it was huge – that’s a dinner plate!

Photo 1

With Papa’s after school snack prepared, we decided that strawberries would be a nice addition to our breakfast, so heart-shaped ones it was!

Photo 3

In the meantime, Gracen prepared the table by setting out placemats, cutlery, and a glass of water for each of us.  {Setting the table is her new thing and I don’t mind one bit.}

Photo 5 2

Finally, it was breakfast time!  Mmmm… heart pancakes!


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