Play Dough People {with loose parts}

Play Dough People With Loose Parts | Mama Papa Bubba

The moment I came across Kate’s printable people play dough mats on Pickelbums, I knew that they’d bring us hours of fun.  We loooove play dough, and pairing it with a mat and loose parts makes it even better.

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As soon as i finally picked myself up a printer, I printed off the entire set and laminated the pages using self-adhesive laminating pouches {best invention ever for those who don’t own laminators!}

IMG 5928

Then I made a few batches of our favourite ever no-cook play dough and split it up to create 6 different colours {this batch went to Bright Minds with us earlier in the day, hence it being a little bit ‘mixed up’ as Miss G would call it}.

IMG 5927

For our loose parts, we included googly eyes of all sizes, coloured matchsticks, sparkly coloured pasta, pony beads, buttons, and aquarium rocks.  We adore our circular divided containers for this exact purpose.

IMG 5929

With everything set out, the creating began!

IMG 5930

First up, Grae got busy creating a man wearing glasses.  Of course he needed a belly button too.

IMG 5934

Our friends from downstairs were over for our weekly play date, so they got busy creating too.

IMG 5936

Pretty elaborate, hey?

Photo 5

Photo 4 3

I may have even decorated a few play dough people myself. ☺

Photo 3 3

This guy apparently had his ‘rain clothes’ on.

Photo 1 5

We had so much fun with this activity and Grae has already asked if we can play with it again tomorrow morning, which is a pretty sure sign of how much she likes it!

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  1. We did that one right after you posted the link and it was a big hit. I did not have a laminator, so I just slipped the printed sheets into some page protectors, and it worked GREAT!. Cheap, easy and already something I had on hand.

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