Sabah Al Salem Playground

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Finding nice playgrounds to visit in Kuwait is no easy task.  While there are a good number of them scattered around the country, most are fairly disastrous.  From our experience, they’re often smeared with food, littered with fast food garbage, and on the dangerous side due to broken equipment that seems to take months to be repaired.  

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So when a new one pops up, you enjoy having a clean and safe park to frequent as long as it lasts.  One of our current favourites?  The playground on Road Number 3 in block 1 of Sabah Al Salem.

IMG 5985

We affectionately call it ‘the Bright Minds play ground’ because we first discovered it a few months ago when we began attending classes at Bright Minds Creative Learning Centre.  It’s right off of the main road, so it’s easy to find, and for now, it’s super nice and clean and in good working order.

IMG 5990

The highlights definitely include the many slides, the 4 working swings (yes, four!!!), and the newly installed covering which will be great for when the weather really starts to heat up in just a few short weeks.

Now if only it would stay this nice always….


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