A Slow Morning & Jardins du Luxembourg {Paris Day 2}

After a 4:30 a.m. wake up call from Miss G {and a couple of hours of quiet time thereafter}, we brushed our teeth, threw on some clothes, and headed to the little bakery on the corner for some fresh bread treats.  While Gracen chose a baguette aux noix, Brad and I opted for a regular baguette (so good!) and we headed down the street to our local park. The blossoms were prettier than ever and we had the place to ourselves, which was a perfect way to start the day.

IMG 7004

IMG 7007

IMG 7012

IMG 7010

IMG 7014

Since the park is our only source of internet here in Paris (it has free wi-fi during daytime hours), Brad and I switched off and each got a little chunk of time online to quickly catch up on reading emails and Googling places around the city.  During Brad’s time, Miss G and I went on a little adventure in search of a cup of coffee {for me obviously} and found another playground on the way.  Needless to say, we were both happy.

IMG 7017

Later in the afternoon, after some lunch and a long nap for Grae, we headed out to Jardins du Luxembourg, a giant park very close to our flat that came highly recommended by my friend Sam from Thrive 360 Living.  The architecture along the way was gorgeous and the park was every bit as wonderful as we’d heard it was.

IMG 7021

IMG 7028

IMG 7026

Inside, we oohed and ahhed over pretty flowers, watched the boats sail around the fountain, and enjoyed a bunch of the fun things available to small children.

IMG 7030

IMG 7036

IMG 7039

IMG 7045

IMG 7049

IMG 7055

Highlights included these super high chair-style swings…

IMG 7066

IMG 7081

A giant pay-to-play playground…

IMG 7084

IMG 7089

IMG 7093

IMG 7095

A ride on an old-school carousel…

IMG 7099

And a walk around the park on a pony.

IMG 7105

IMG 7113

IMG 7117

IMG 7128

On the way home we ran into this guy, which Grae was quite intrigued by (ha!)


IMG 7133

And all kinds of beautiful buildings I couldn’t stop photographing.

IMG 7138

IMG 7140

On tomorrow’s agenda?  The Eiffel Tower!

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  1. Awww, Paris!!!! Good luck tomorrow at The Eiffel Tower! Try to go on stares, don’t use lift. It is more interesting, no queue and can see more!:) Have a good day!

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