Bonjour, Paris!

After 15 hours of travel and arriving into Paris late last night, we spent the night at a hotel pretty much right at the airport.  Though sort of accidental, it worked out well.  We all got a good night’s rest before making our way into the city and therefore had {slightly} more patience while tackling the not so stroller-friendly train system.  We arrived at the flat Brad and I stayed at during our very first spring break abroad just before lunchtime, got somewhat settled, and then headed out on the day’s adventures – walking down cobblestone streets, soaking in the sunshine, admiring cherry blossom trees, eating baguettes wrapped in brown paper, and stopping at parks and playgrounds along the way.  This was our day…

IMG 6915

A bedroom with a view.

IMG 6927

May as well take advantage of the yet-to-be made bed.

IMG 6931

Off on a walk, croissant in hand.

IMG 6941

A little piece of Vancouver right here in Paris.

IMG 6945

Nature hunting.  {We now have a stroller basket full of leaves, blossoms, and pinecones.}

IMG 6952

Falling petals calls for dancing.

IMG 6959

‘Ooooh – what’s this, Mama?’

IMG 6964

Petal head.

IMG 6968

There are about 20 more just like this.

IMG 6969

Play time.



IMG 6977

Okay, maybe more than 20.

IMG 6978

Saturday market.

IMG 6981

Gracen’s treat of choice – a kilo of fresh strawberries.

IMG 6990

Along the Seine.

IMG 6992

From below.

IMG 6993

Gorgeous flowers in a park along the river.

IMG 6998

There were a few stops like this one…

IMG 7000

You can’t eat enough bread in Paris.

We ended our day by stocking our fridge, cooking dinner at the flat, and tucking our little lady into a giant bed before settling down to a movie for two.  A lovely first day of vacation…

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