Gel Baggies on a Light Table

Colour Mixing With Gel Baggis On a Light Table | Mama Papa Bubba

Grae’s been absolutely loving our coloured gel baggies.  Today we took them off of the window where they’ve been hanging out for the last couple of days and tried them out on a very simple DIY light box I threw together for us to experiment with.

IMG 9952

Grae  immediately remembered how we could see all of the colours if we placed them in a triangle formation, and wow – did the colours ever look beautiful when lit from beneath.

IMG 9955

‘Mama, remember?  Blue and yellow make green!’

IMG 9961

We arranged the bags several different ways before I brought in some glass gems to extend our play.

IMG 9962

Though the gems were subtle shades of blue, yellow, beige, and green, they took on the colours of the gel baggies beautifully, which Miss G just loved. For now, we’ve left all of these items in Grae’s room so she and explore them during quiet play time, but I’m excited to see what else we can put on our new light box {tutorial coming soon!}


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