Our Big Hills Springs Park Disaster

Today after our visit to The Bow and lunch at a trendy pizza and wine restaurant downtown, we decided that we needed to get the kids out somewhere where they could run and let off some steam.  We headed to Big Hills Springs Park, a provincial park not far from where my brother and sister-in-law live.

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It was the perfect place for our littles to play and explore and our visit was going great right up until this very moment…

IMG 0136

Chayton, the little adventurer of the group, fell off the log he was walking along, landed in a mud bog, got his feet stuck, and lost his brand new name brand flip flop that had  been bought for him just two days prior.

IMG 0140

The search began.

IMG 0143

First Chay looked…

IMG 0151

But his only success was getting muddier than he was before.

IMG 0154

Then it was Rozi’s turn.  She was such a good sport.

IMG 0160

Meanwhile, I stayed clean and dry watching the little ladies on the other side of the log {hey, someone had to!}

IMG 0168

IMG 0175

After many failed attempts, Chay headed back, this time in less clothes, to help his mom.

IMG 0177

{Us girls kept picking flowers. ☺}

IMG 0179

IMG 0181

Then, at long last, Roz retrieved a shoe!  In fact, not one but TWO shoes!!  Neither of which were Chay’s…  Oy. ☹

IMG 0184

‘Well this is just FRUSTRATING, Mama.’

IMG 0188

But that little pouty face didn’t last long with all kinds of fun to be had.

IMG 0197

IMG 0200

About 45 minutes into the search for the missing flipflop, things started to get a bit weird…

IMG 0206

And these two began ‘belly fiving’.

IMG 0201
IMG 0205

As the hunt continued, there was still no sign of the missing flipflop… but there were plenty of wet and dirty clothes!

IMG 0211

IMG 0209

Roz put in a very serious effort. {Much more than I would have – watching her dig around in that mud with bare hands and feet made me squirm!}

IMG 0218

IMG 0221

About an hour in, the girls began getting antsy, so it was time to make dandelion soup!  We began collecting all of the dandelions and dandelion greens we could find, then carefully added them into our ‘pot’ {aka, the water} and stirred them carefully.

IMG 0227

Roz continued searching.

IMG 0233

Sadly, despite admirable efforts, one little boy ended up going home with only one of his sandals {and minus a whole lot of clothing}.  Lesson learned.  Quickly running home for play clothes and running shoes is worth the effort when you plan to let your littles explore their hearts outdoors. ☺


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