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Frozen Paint Wands | Mama Papa Bubba

While we’ve painted with frozen watercolour ice cubes many times, today we decided to try something a little bit different…  Instead of freezing our usual concoction of water and food colouring, we simply froze children’s paint.  And just for fun, we decided we’d create frozen paint wands instead of the usual cubes!

IMG 2871
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To do so, we used this silicon PLASTIS ice cube tray from Ikea (Canada | US | Kuwait and if you’re not near an Ikea, something like this would work).  {We love these trays and have a whole stash of fun ones to use both for play and cooking.}

IMG 2872

Grae loved squeezing the paint in and it froze surprisingly quickly.  We popped them into the freezer just after breakfast, and by the time we were done with our usual afternoon quiet time, they were fully frozen.

IMG 2875

I removed them from the mould with care so as not to snap one in half, but to be honest, I was probably more careful than needed as they seemed pretty sturdy.  Then I simply set them out with a big pad of watercolour paper and a damp wet cloth and invited Miss G to play.

IMG 2889

She thought our frozen paint wands were pretty cool and immediately got to making swirls.

IMG 2892

Even though we were inside with the air conditioning pumping, the paint wands melted quickly and left vibrant streaks all over the page.

IMG 2897

While she held the wands as you would a pencil for the first painting, the second one called for a different method…  Using it on its side.

IMG 2900

The third one?  Well that’s when things really got fun {and messy!}

Gracen loved this activity and once the weather gets just a wee bit cooler, we’ll definitely try it again outdoors.  I’m guessing it’ll be even more fun with some help from the sun because a melty mess always equals fun, right? ☺


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