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Today, as we seem to do quite frequently lately, we reached for our copy of 101 Kids Activities That are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! during the little pocket of time we have between quiet play and my tutoring commitments.  Gracen flipped through the pages, picked a project, and we made an awesome little catapult out of some large craft sticks and a disposable spoon.

IMG 3776

IMG 3777

Since receiving our copy a few months ago, this book has become a favourite of Gracen’s {and how could it not, really?!}  It’s full of fun activities, projects, and games and almost all of the ideas are accompanied by big, beautiful photos, which she just loves.  Often times, if I’m cooking or getting ready for the day, she’ll sit near by flipping through the pages with a pad of sticky notes nearby.  She marks the projects that she wants to do at a later date, and on more than one occasion, she’s gathered up all of the materials for a specific project, laid them out neatly on a tray, and invited me to create with her {bless her creative little heart!}

IMG 3783

Today’s project, a craft stick catapult, required 4 items, all of which we had on hand and ready to go.  We chose to launch big pom poms, but you could obviously use a variety of things.

IMG 3786

Using the instructions in the book, we created our catapult together in less than 5 minutes, which left the majority of our 30 minute window for play! {Yay for that!}

IMG 3790
IMG 3801

After getting the hang of how to best launch our pom poms, we decided to move to our long dining table and have a bit of a pom pom launch competition.

IMG 3803

Grae was our official launcher, and though it was close sometimes, ‘Mr. Green’ {affectionately named by Miss G} always seemed to make it the furthest!  ☺

Next up on our 101 Kids Activities to do list?  Grae’s got her eye on the awesome little baggie mazes at the very beginning of the book which is perfect because our straw collection is somewhat out of control.


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