Saveco Indoor Play Area

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While driving all the way out to 4th Ring Road and the 55 to pick-up groceries isn’t my favourite thing {especially when the drive takes an hour and 25 minutes like it did today!}, gosh do I ever enjoy shopping at Saveco…  The bright white interior, the wide aisles, the specialty and organic selection… It’s all so lovely and civil.  Gracen loves it too.  Not only are there adorable mini shopping carts for munchkins to push around, but there is also a pretty awesome indoor play area for munchkins upstairs.  It’s part of the Hamad & Shahad toy store and it’s very much like the Hilton’s playground that Miss G loves so much.

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While we wouldn’t drive all that way just to play, we always stop by for 20 or 30 minutes during our Saveco shopping trips, which gives Miss G a nice break and a chance to run around and let off some energy.

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We’ve been many times, and although there are little signs of wear and tear beginning to appear, the play area remains clean and in good overall condition to date, so hopefully it stays that way.

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Entrance is KD 1.000 for an hour’s worth of play, and though I’m not sure of the hours of operation, it’s always been open when we’ve been there – even early on Friday mornings.


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