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Leaf Rubbing Collage | Mama Papa Bubba

Today before starting on our stamped leaf garland of thanks, Miss G and I did a classic kid project – leaf rubbings!  Although we’ve tried rubbings once before while still in Canada, Grae was only 2 then and the process was still a little tricky for her.  At 4 though?  She rocked it!  

IMG 3817

IMG 3811

First off, we headed outdoors and collected some really awesome, really huge leaves.

IMG 3821

IMG 3823

Pink-cheeked, we headed indoors, raided our stash of broken crayons, and peeled off the wrappers {talk about a good fine motor skill workout!}

IMG 3829
IMG 3830

Next, using a large pad of white paper, we sandwiched a leaf between the top sheet of paper and the rest of the stack {you can obviously do this with a single sheet of paper also, but I find that doing it with the whole pad helps the leaf stay in position}.  Then, using a crayon on its side, Grae gently rubbed the colour all over the leaf, allowing the magic to happen.  One at a time, we added leaf after leaf to create beautiful leaf rubbing collages.

IMG 3835

Simple as that!  Our collages now hang on the wall above our creative space and add a hint of nature and a pop of colour to our work area.


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  1. Hi Jen.
    I realize that this post is super old, but I was wondering what kind of paper that you used for this?
    Regards May

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