Nighttime Protection

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I walked in the door from tutoring tonight just as Brad was tucking Miss G into bed for the night.  Like she usually does when my arrival interrupts her calm bedtime routine, Grae ran out of her bedroom excited to greet me.  Only tonight, she was wearing this.  No joke.  This is what she had purposefully put on in preparation for bedtime.  And by the look on Brad’s face, we weren’t challenging the issue.  As I tucked her in for the night, I asked if she has been cold at night recently.  Her answer?  ‘No. These things keep my body protected if a witch comes in my covers and tries to bite me while I’m sleeping.’  Ummmm… Alright then?

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2 thoughts on “Nighttime Protection

  1. That has really given me a laugh from the bottom of my stomach!! Thank you, I needed that … How funny.

    I have a 3 year old so your blogs are so great to read and very inspirational for things to do for her as she’s at home with me as well. Some of the things that you do with Miss G, I wonder whether I’m going to be able to keep her attention for long enough but I’m still going to try … I bought myself some magnetic dots recently and hope to buy the book to do the activity. I think she’ll stick to that one … and I’ll try the painted dots too. I’ll give it to her for Christmas and it can be something to do in those hot months of January/February here in Perth (Australia) where it’s too hot to leave the house.

    I’ll have to look in your archives as to what you were doing when Miss G was 3. I admire what you do!

  2. haha! cute! I usually get a request from my 3yo to “go outside and put all of the dinosaurs/foxes/wolves/animals back in the zoo” at night time. :-)

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