An Afternoon in Khiran

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Today we kicked off Brad’s week long Eid vacation with a family trip out to Khiran.  We love it out there.  It’s peaceful and beautiful and you really don’t feel like you’re in Kuwait while there, which makes for a nice break from the everyday.  Of all of our visits, today was by far the busiest with around 25 others spread between several groups {great minds think alike, apparently}, but it was chill and lovely, as always.

Our highlights for the day include watching little crabs duck in and out of the holes in the rocks, flipping over beach rocks to reveal all sorts of interesting creatures, and a giant crab lunging out from the sand right beside us while wading in the water.  Okay, so ‘giant’ may be a bit of an exaggeration, but with his legs outstretched he was at least a foot and a half across, which was enough so send Miss G flying out of the water and sprinting up the beach while screaming at the top of her lungs.  Hah!  Poor thing…  This isn’t our first creature sighting out at Khiran {there have been several, actually}, and since we’re more lake people than ocean people, I feel some water shoe purchases happening in the near future.  ☺

Here’s our day in photos…

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I get asked constantly for directions out to Khiran, and though I love how quiet it always is out there, it’s way too good of a secret to keep to myself.  Us Kuwait folk have to stick together after all, right?  So here are they are… Head south on the 30 or 40 towards Wafra – the two roads will eventually meet.  You’ll pass a couple of McDonald’s, a Starbucks, and a petrol station along the way, but what you really want to keep your eye out for is the ‘Khiran Beach Resort’ signs. There will be several of them notifying you of how many more kilometres there are to go {10 km, 5 km, etc.} which is quite helpful.  Eventually, you’ll see one that says ‘Khiran Beach Resort u-turn’.  Take the u-turn {carefully – the cars coming in the opposite direction are flying and we’ve seen a couple of very close near misses} and then take your first right off of the main highway.  Follow the road {and keep your eye out for camels as there are often a couple of herders along here} and turn left just before you go over the small bridge.  You’ll now be on a small road that is often half sand covered.  Take your first right into the slightly deserted-looking neighbourhood… Now you’re basically there!  Here’s the fun part – anywhere the road is lined by a sand embankment, there’s a beach on the other side!  Pick a couple that seem fairly easy to climb over and check them out before choosing your spot for the day. ☺  And if you’re interested, here it is on Google Maps


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  1. I don’t read everyday but I SOO love visiting your blog.. It’s like traveling around the world without leaving our livingroom. You’re a great family! Thank you for sharing so much of your travels with us

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