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Construction Sensory Bin Gift | Mama Papa Bubba

By now, I think it’s pretty obvious that Miss G and I love to make and give homemade gifts.  I love giving something unique that can’t just be purchased at a store, and I think we both love the process of coming up with an idea, collecting the materials, and putting it all together in a fun way.  Our gifts are never overly involved {okay, with the exception of the portable activity packs maybe}, but they’re fun and normally aim to inspire play and creativity, which is very much us.  

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Today’s adorable little birthday boy recently turned two and loves planes, trains, and automobiles, so Grae and I decided to base our gift around that interest.  We picked up a big book of trucks and a wooden vehicle puzzle, then paired them with this fun little construction-themed sensory bin to complete the gift. Grae was quite proud of it all!

IMG 4743

Putting our construction sensory bin gift together was pretty simple.  We purchased a shallow bin that came with a lid, plus a set of construction trucks, and a couple of sets of decorative rocks.  Then we grabbed some sand, a couple of wooden blocks, some wooden building planks, some popsicle sticks, and some black acrylic paint from our craft supply stash and we were ready to begin.

IMG 4745

First off, we started with the DIY road signs.  After painting our popsicle sticks black, we printed and laminated these awesome signs, then attached them to our sticks with some hot glue and anchored the bottoms in bottle tops so that they would stay upright on their own.

IMG 4746

IMG 4748

With the signs done, we basically filled the base of our bin with some sand and then positioned our signs, rocks, wood pieces, and construction vehicles on top.

IMG 4751

Here’s what it looked like when we were done.

IMG 4753

Just for fun, we glued a printable construction area sign to the lid before tying the bin up with some black and white baker’s twine.  That’s it!  Our construction sensory bin gift was ready for the birthday boy.

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7 thoughts on “Construction Sensory Bin Gift

    1. Hey Christina! How about pebbles, aquarium rocks, or “sand” cloud dough (4 cups of wholewheat flour combined with 1/2 cup of veg oil)?

  1. I made this recently for my 20 month old for a recent plane trip and he loved it! I made my play dough with coffee grounds which made it firm and gritty. He especially loved transporting the rocks and plowing the “dirt”. Thanks for the inspiration

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