A Very Kuwait Morning

This morning was what I like to call a ‘Kuwait morning’.  What does that mean?  Well, while living in Kuwait comes with many lovely perks {hello, beach days, cheap gas, and lovely sunsets!}, it also comes with many challenges.  In general, I find that most things just aren’t as ‘easy’ as they are elsewhere.  From getting places to grocery shopping to government procedures to finding out information about things – it can all be a little bit difficult, and that was certainly the case today.

As I’ve mentioned before, Grae and I are lucky to be part of a wonderful play school co-op here, and while our usual meet-ups happen at the beginning of the week, we also often meet on Thursdays for some sort of outing around the country.  Well, since we’d heard that there was some sort of ice sculpture exhibit happening for Hala February {ice sculptures in the desert?!}, we decided that that would be our destination for this morning’s outing.  We weren’t surprised to find that there was very little information about the event online, but after a fellow mom asked about it in an expat moms forum, we found out that the event was taking place at the International Fair Grounds and opened at 10 a.m.  Perfect!

Except…  When we arrived, we didn’t know where the actual exhibit was happening {nor did anyone else who was there} and when we did find Snow City, the area where the ice sculptures apparently are, it was closed.  Of course, by this time our munchkins had been in the car a good long while and they had trekked all though the carnival looking for the right area, so since nobody around seemed to mind, we decided we’d just have a little peek inside. ☺

IMG 7983

IMG 7967

IMG 7971

A little peek inside turned out to be posing for photos with several different snowmen and arctic animals, plus a few rounds of do-it-yourself penguin bowling, but we left everything just as we found it and the kids got to have some fun {even if it didn’t involve a single ice sculpture}.

IMG 7978

IMG 7981

After a disappointing ice sculpture visit, we decided to make the most of being out and meet at a beach to play instead, with a quick stop for coffee along the way.  Of course, the coffee stop ended up being painfully difficult and long and ended with us getting half full drinks, plus traffic was terrible and we had to do the most insane u-turn route through a mall parking lot and a nearby neighbourhood, but we did eventually make it to the beach and the kids did have fun. {On a ‘Kuwait day’, I call that a win.}

IMG 7984

IMG 7988

And luckily, our afternoon was much more low-key and easy {and didn’t involve leaving our buildings}. ☺

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