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Without question, one of the things we miss most about home while in Kuwait is not being able to just get up and walk to a park or playground.  Not only is walking to a park simply out of the question where we live, but in general, finding playgrounds that are clean, safe, and well-kept is a bit of a challenge here.  What we’ve found during our many years in Kuwait is that a playground will pop up and be really nice for a short period of time before being destroyed and becoming filthy.  I’m not sure why there’s not more focus on maintaining what is already in place, but our strategy is normally to find a couple of great playgrounds, use them a ton while they’re in good condition, and then find a new ones when the old ones are no longer nice/safe/in full working order.  It’s not ideal, but it works.  

And so, one of our current favourites is the fairly new and fully covered playground at Anjafa Beach.  While it’s got low, easily accessible areas for younger kids, it’s also got a teeter totter, a bike merry-go-round, and a rocking boat, which Miss G loves. It’s also right in front of the beach and fully covered, so it should be doable even when the weather begins to get hot {ugh – not looking forward to that after such a lovely cool winter}.  The playground’s only downside would be the fact that it’s only got one working swing, but hey – here in Kuwait, I’ve found that a working swing period is quite a score!

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Kuwait friends, you can find Anjafa Beach here.


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2 thoughts on “Anjafa Beach Playground

  1. Wow! That makes me appreciate the parks we have here even more. The majority of parks look more or less like this one ( and there’s more and more what they call “naturescape” parks popping up everywhere. This is another ( where they’ve REALLY used the landscape and the kids love it! There’s no “climbing” equipment as such but plenty of water and nature and natural things to climb and play with. Just what kids need! I bet you’ll appreciate going home to the parks of Canada.

  2. Haha one working swing is indeed a treasure! So are your posts! Though I’m Kuwaiti I don’t know most of these places! Must try this one when the weather get’s cooler!

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