An Easter Egg Hunt With Friends

photo 2 - Version 2

Ahh… Such a great morning!  Some very good friends of ours here in Kuwait hosted an Easter egg hunt / party for the munchkins in our play school co-op and it was fantastic.  After meeting up at their house and getting a group photo of all of the munchkins {so cute!} and then one of each mom with her littles, we headed to a nearby nursery for an egg hunt.  There was grass(!), greenery(!), and a beautiful kept playground(!), and the kids had an absolute blast working as a team to find all 100 eggs left by the Easter Bunny.  After we were all sufficiently sunned and sweaty, we headed back to the house where the kids traded in their eggs for prizes and the host treated us all to a delicious brunch.  It was a wonderful morning and I’m so thankful to have our family of friends here to celebrate with while we’re away from our families back home in Canada.  {It goes without saying that it’ll be very sad to say goodbye to them come June, but I’m currently in denial about all impending goodbyes. ☹} 

photo 1 - Version 2{Miss G and I even managed to get a couple of quick photos together before leaving!  It’s something that doesn’t happen often enough, but we’re working on it.}

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