Our Last Day with Grandma Charlotte

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When you live in Kuwait, you don’t get all that many visitors.  For our families, it’s pretty much on the opposite side of the world, and it is Kuwait after all…  I know that sounds bad, but I don’t mean that in a negative way.  I’m truly happy that we’ve spent 6 years here and living in the Middle East has afforded us plenty of luxuries and opportunities to see the world {hello, Italy, Ireland, Thailand, France, and Germany}, but if we’re being honest, Kuwait is simply not a place that is high on many people’s ‘to see’ list.  Lucky for us, both of Gracen’s grandmas came to visit in her first year, and Brad’s mom recently came back for a second time just months before our big move back home to Canada!  We’ve had Grandma Charlotte here now for almost two weeks, and Miss G has just loved it.  We’ve gone on play dates, visited some of our favourite spots around Kuwait, spent days at the Hilton, took a trip out to Khiran, and had lots of time to just hang out and play too.  Today, on her last day here, we spent the morning at Al Kout and had brunch by the fountains, got some coffee, and picked up some little souvenirs for her to bring home to Canada.  In the afternoon, we headed to Anjafa Beach {which was absolutely packed – oops, forgot it was the weekend!} and did some exploring and kite flying before heading home for dinner.  She’s on her way home now, but it was so lovely to have her here.  See you soon, Grandma Charlotte!

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