Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Lollies

Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Lollies | Mama Papa Bubba

This afternoon, after a lovely morning out of the house, Miss G and I got started on the first of our homemade Easter treats.  After seeing some milk chocolate lollies covered with pastel-coloured candy sprinkles while at Dean & Deluca last, I knew we could very easily make our own {healthier} version and that’s exactly what we did today…  We made dark chocolate fruit and nut lollies and  Miss G is pleased as punch about having a bowl full of these pretty little lollies sitting in our kitchen!

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Making them was really easy.  Besides some really dark organic chocolate {for Grae I try to go with at least 85% or higher}, we got out some pecans, pistachios, goji berries, dried cranberries, golden raisins, raw almonds, and raw cashews.

IMG 0018

We also got out some lolly sticks and some Wilton lollipop bags and then we were ready to go.

IMG 0021

First up, the highly technical part… Melting our chocolate in this contraption – hah!  We don’t have a double boiler here in Kuwait, so I just make do with a mason jar and a pot of boiling water.  Hey – all that matters is that it works, right? ☺

IMG 0022

With our chocolate melted, I simply poured out some large blobs of melted chocolate onto a couple of lined a couple of trays with parchment paper.  I was going to try to make them perfect circles by using mason jar rings as guides, but I figured that the free-pour method would be a lot faster and would allow Miss G better access while decorating, so I went with it.  Then I placed a lolly stick into each blob and carefully covered the top of each stick with another spoonful of melted chocolate.

IMG 0024

After letting the chocolate sit for a few minutes just to firm up a little {it stays liquid for a long time}, I invited Miss G to decorate them with the nuts and dried fruit.  I asked her just to gently plunk the goodies into the chocolate as it was still very runny at this point, and for the most part she did a great job with it.

IMG 0030

This part was a lot of fun for Grae and she experimented with all kinds of combinations and designs.

IMG 0033

IMG 0035

When she was done with them, they looked like this.  Aren’t they pretty?  I just love all of the colours.

IMG 0124

Then we simply let them sit out on the counter to set.  This took longer than I expected it to, but I really didn’t want to put them in the fridge as I find that chocolate sweats after being refrigerated.

IMG 0132

A few hours later, they were fully set and ready to be peeled off of the parchment paper.  They came up really easily and Gracen simply couldn’t wait to get her hands on a chocolate lolly of her own.  While she got to munch on one, I popped the others into the lollipop bags and tied the ribbons closed with a bow.

This was such an easy but fun ‘cooking’ project.  We’ll definitely be doing it again!


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