A Low Key 33 for Papa

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Brad’s special birthday request this year?  Doing nothing special.  No going out, no get together, no gifts…  Just the 3 of us hanging out.  

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So we went with it, but made sure to feed him an early morning Brad-style breakfast {bacon!} before sending him off to work with an extra yummy lunch {that even included meat…twice in one day – what?!}

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While he was away, we made a big chocolate cake…

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And Miss G planned a family movie night accompanied by a picnic-style dinner. {This is what happens when you make no birthday requests… Your evening becomes your four year old’s idea of awesome. ☺}

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We finished off the evening with cuddles and cake {that Miss G ate in the manner one would eat something when they hadn’t been fed in a month}.  It  was beyond low key, but a good day nonetheless.

Happy 33, love.


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2 thoughts on “A Low Key 33 for Papa

  1. Picnic inside is an awesome idea! Hubby preferred a low key b’day this year too … so us girls compensated with lots of cuddles & cake too! :)

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