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Handprint Memory Box | Mama Papa Bubba

I’ll say it.  I’m obsessed with all projects/crafts/gifts that include kids’ handprints.  Alright, and those that involve footprints too.  I can’t help myself.  They’re just so sweet and having special pieces stamped with Miss G’s handprints means that I get to freeze time and always have a reminder of how little she once was.  

So…  When I was in desperate need of a place to keep all of the special little treasures she makes and gifts me with, I asked if she’d help me create a ‘mama memory box’ decorated with her handprints {naturally}.  Thankfully, she enthusiastically agreed and I now have the sweetest little handprint memory box I ever did see!

IMG 0737

Adorable, right?  And now I have a place dedicated to storing the beautiful little family portraits and ‘I love you Mama’ notes I’d previously been stashing in random places all over our bedroom.


For detailed instructions on how to make a keepsake memory box with your little one, pop over to CBC Parents and see our Handprint Memory Box post.  A memory box like this would make for a lovely gift!

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