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Tackle Box Craft Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

Miss G and I made several little portable craft kids for her friends in Kuwait, but when we got back to Canada last summer and wanted to create something similar for she and her cousin to take along on our house boating trip, we had zero luck finding carrying caddies like the ones we’d always found easily in the desert.  

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While we could have probably driven the hour and 15 minutes to the nearest Michael’s and found a proper art box like this awesome one, instead, we hit up our local hardware store and made our way to the fishing aisle.

IMG 2235

There I found a couple of these perfect 3-tray Plano tackle boxes {similar to these slightly smaller ones} and I immediately made my way to the cash register. ☺

IMG 2227

Since Miss G had used most of what was in in last summer, this morning we cleaned out her tackle box craft kit and refilled it with all sorts of fun goodies we actually already had on hand.  Our stash included note paper, dot stickers, glitter glue, ribbon, a bingo dabber, some washi tape, some acrylic gems, googly eyes in a variety of sizes, a pencil, some shiny fabric hearts, metallic pompoms, white glue, feathers in a rainbow of colours, scissors, and coloured popsicle sticks.

IMG 2230

We also decided to include some pipe cleaners, some wacky pencil crayons, some big buttons, and plenty of coloured card stock.

IMG 2249

With all of our art materials gathered, it was simply a matter of arranging them in our tackle box.  Just for fun, I like to sort things by colour and size, so Miss G was great at helping with that.  When we were all done placing our materials inside, we had a few empty spaces left, so we rounded up some foam alphabet stickers, some hemp twine, and some large popsicle sticks to fill it right up.

Now Miss G’s all ready for a summer of creative projects at Grandma’s house, and we’ll very easily be able to bring this kit along when visiting family or going on camping trips.  Of course, this tackle box craft kit would also make for a really lovely gift for a creative kid too!


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2 thoughts on “Tackle Box Craft Kit

  1. Love it! Every Sunday morning I’m running around looking for supplies before I start teaching. Can’t wait to see the greeters faces when I walk in with my pink tackle box of craft supplies! I’m off to the hardware store. Here’s hoping I’m successful!

  2. Hi Jen. Thanks so much for the inspiration. This will be a brilliant Christmas gift for miss four! I can’t believe I even managed to find a pink Plano tackle box in New Zealand.

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