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School Lunch Ideas Printable | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Call me crazy, but I’m sincerely looking forward to packing school lunches for Miss G.  Although she’ll only be attending Kindergarten half time, we’ve discussed whether to pick her up before lunchtime or after, and we’ve decided that picking her up after lunch might make for a better transition.  We’ll see how things go of course and re-evaluate a few weeks in, but that’s the plan for now at least.

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In preparation for my fun new role as ‘school lunch maker’, the other night I sat down to do some brainstorming.  At first, I thought my list would be helpful when I headed out to do our weekly grocery shopping, but then I realized that it might actually be helpful posted right on the fridge as late night lunch packing inspiration.  {At least I’m hoping it is!}   Our school isn’t officially nut-free {though a few specific classrooms are}, so it does include a couple of nut options, and because we don’t eat much meat, I’ve focused on non-meat protein options that Miss G loves,  but obviously you can adjust to suit your child’s preferences {and school rules}.  I should also say that we’re huge bento fans in our house, so most of these options work well for a bento-style lunch.


Our bento boxes:

Laptop Lunch bento  |  LEGO lunch box  |  panda bento  |  sakura blossom bento  |  Goodbyn Bynto


Would having a printed idea list help your late night lunch making?  You can download the printable here:

School Luncbox Ideas Printable 

Happy lunch making!

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4 thoughts on “School Lunch Ideas Printable

  1. Lucky you for being able to get Miss G to eat those things… Best laid plans … I don’t know what I’ve done wrong but she just won’t eat anything like that. She spits out anything that’s even CLOSE to healthy!!!

    PS. Unfortunately I’m going to be unsubscribing as over the last month or twoo, your posts nhave been really slo and i can’t even go into it to edit the text. It’s soooooo slow!!! It’s the ads on the side I’m sure of it. And I do love your posts. They’re great! I’ll check into your Facebook page every now and again mayeb? Thank you for all the year so f great inspiration.

    1. Hi Brigitte,

      I’m so sorry to hear that! Did you get the response I sent to your email? As soon as I received it I had several friends {from different parts of the world, on different browsers} check my site speed and all reported that it was loading really quickly for them. Now that we’re back to having proper internet, it loads really quickly for me too, so I’m not sure why it’s being such a pain for you. I believe my techy husband said that you probably have to empty your cache? Either way, I’m in the process of checking in on the video ads that have recently appeared… I actually don’t see many when I’m on the site, but I’m not a big fan of them either way, so I’ll be asking for them to be removed. Do they automatically play sound for you when you visit my site? I’d love to know so I can be as specific as possible when communicating with my ad network.

      Thanks for being such a great reader!

      Jen :)

  2. Your site is so inspiring! Thank you for being so generous to share so many of your ideas. I wonder if I might be able to download your lunchbox ideas but add a few new ideas (or subtract some that my 2.5 year old does not like)? This seems to be a PDF so not sure I can do this? Thank you again for being such an inspiration! I am a single mother and full-time students and these ideas are helping me to keep creative with a busy schedule. :-)
    ps: would it also be possible to download your PDF from your Weekly Schedule? love this one too!!! what a creative and resourceful mama you are!

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