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Princess Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

Today was Miss G’s first birthday party back in Canada and she was thrilled that a) it meant she got to finally see one of the friends she’s missed terribly while away, b) that it was princess-themed and involved art, and c) that it gave us the perfect excuse to create a ‘princessy’ gift.  

Since we love our go-to combo of a book and a play dough kit, we decided to do just that – create a princess play dough kit and find a lovely book to go along with it.  I must say, this little kit turned out to be so sparkly and fun that there was a moment when Miss G said, ‘Awww… I sort of wish this play dough kit could be for me…’  Of course she happily gave it to the birthday girl when it was time, but now I know exactly what we’ll replace our current ice cream or Canadian wilderness play dough kit with when the time comes. ☺

IMG 3448

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Now, if you ask me, the best part of any play dough kit is the loose parts {or accessories as Miss G calls them}.  To keep with our princess theme, this time around we went with clear acrylic gems, pearl beads, some heart-shaped jewels and flower-shaped jewels, plus a mini rolling pin and a set of Wilton cookie cutters that included a castle, crown, and glass slipper.

IMG 3453

For the play dough, we used our favourite ever no-cook play dough recipe and Frosting Creation packs in strawberry shortcake, white chocolate raspberry, and cotton candy to scent and colour the doughs {and skipped the Frosting Creation pack and just added some coconut extract to the white dough}.  Of course, we added plenty of fine glitter to them too.

IMG 3455

IMG 3456

Early this morning, Miss G excitedly unwrapped everything and put the kit together for us…

IMG 3458

We almost always use GLIS divided boxes from Ikea for our play dough kits because they fit everything just perfectly and stack really well when you have several kits going at once.  Plus they’re pretty affordable and easily found so long as you have an Ikea nearby.

IMG 3462

Lastly, we added our Wilton cookie cutters and mini rolling pin, and our princess play dough kit was done!

IMG 3461

Here’s the finished kit.  Pretty, isn’t it?

IMG 3464

And here’s the book we paired it with.  While Miss G has become a huge fan of the traditional Disney princess stories that her older friends in Kuwait loved, I was hoping to find something a little different and we both quite liked Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?  It’s different than many princess stories in that the message at the heart of the book is that being your true self is what being a princess is all about.

IMG 3465

Before giving our play dough kit as a gift, we put our play dough balls into a large zip-close bag in order to ensure freshness, then wrapped our book and tied everything together with some pretty baker’s twine.

IMG 3474

Of course our princess-themed gift needed a card to go along with it, so using some gold scrapbook paper, I cut out a crown shape and let Miss G go to town with jewel stickers.

IMG 3478

We decided it might be nice to have the birthday girl’s initial on the front of the crown, so my messy-haired princess started with that and then moved on to decorating the rest of the crown.

IMG 3480

IMG 3482

In the inside?  A couple of little messages and of course – more jewels!

IMG 3485

Hopefully the birthday girl enjoys this gift as much as we enjoyed making it!


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6 thoughts on “Princess Play Dough Kit

  1. As always another great playdough kit. My children love these kits the only problem I have is that for some reason our playdough just doesn’t last it gets too sticky after a couple of days and no matter how much flour I add it can’t be saved- any tips on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated ☺

    1. Hmmm… Where are you storing your play dough, Donna? I’ve had the same thing happen before when I stored ours near a heat source (once was on top of the fridge and once was near a heating vent I didn’t realize existed). That or is it humid where you are? You’re right – once it goes to that sticky goopy state, there’s really no saving it. :/

      1. We tried keeping it in the cupboard at first and then in the fridge but neither worked for some reason? We are in England so not really humid- ill have to experiment with storage a bit more ☺

  2. Hi I was thinking of making one of these kits as a Christmas present but wanted to know how long does that he play dough last and does it need to be refrigerated.

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